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I am speaking at a Google Apps for education Summit in New Zealand this week.  One of the sessions I am presenting is how to successfully implement Google in your school.

I thought you might like to look at the presentation slides I used during the presentation.

crash server How to successfully implement Google in your school

Note: You can also use these thoughts and steps to help successfully implement any change. Two of the major mistakes I see schools make is that they:


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I love educational videos that make me think.

Below are five educational videos that will make you think about how you relate to your students as well as how you respond to pressure.

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This week I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the interactive teaching and learning conference in Sydney.

IMG 34271 300x224 Interactive Teaching Conference Reflections

The Interactive Technology Conference in Sydney

Here are some of the interesting thoughts and ideas I came across during the conference:

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Have you checked out Google in education yet?

Are you aware that Google have a range of free tools available to schools?   Businesses pay $5 per user per month to access the range of tools but schools can use Google in education for free.

Many of you probably already have a Gmail email address; if you don’t it’s time for you to upgrade!  If you have a Gmail address then you already have a Google account and can access these free tools by clicking on the drive link at the top of your screen.

Google tools 300x26 Google In Education

Access your tools by clicking on Drive

There a range of tools you can use with your students.  The most popular are:

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Over the last few days we have been looking at ways schools waste money and what we can do about it.  These observations are based on my time spent in hundreds of schools all around Australia.

We have looked at the following four areas schools waste money.

1.  The principal is not aware of their leadership role.

2.  Hire the wrong type of person to oversee the technology in your school.

3.  Spending money on licences for software and becoming too reliant on hardware such as servers.

4.  Thinking programs not steps

Here is the last way I see schools are wasting money and what they can do about it

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