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You could be standing in the midst of greatness…

One of my favourite quotes is:

Individuals from this generation will surface as leaders in every field.  During this lifetime the future will be shaped by someone – no one knows who it is going to be – so you may as well throw your hat in the ring and say “it may as well be me!”

Right now in one of your classes might be the person that finds the cure for cancer, discovers life on another planet, brings world leaders together to solve a crisis.

greatness One Of My Favourite Quotes

Maybe it’s not as dramatic as that.  

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Here are five quotes for teachers that I hope will serve as a little inspiration for the week ahead.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find most of the quotes for teachers to be a bit corny or quirky.  The five quotes below have past the ‘cheesy’ test.  After each of the quotes I will offer one little thought to help you apply the quote to your teaching.

1. “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”. Alan Kay

futuresign Five Quotes for Teachers

Too many teachers take what comes to them.  You can design a classroom culture that suits your unique personality and teaching style.

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Here’s a list of Educational news articles that have caught my attention in the last week.

NOTE: These aren’t put together but some automated process, but I have actually read each article and found it interesting for the reasons listed next to each link.  There should be a little of something for everyone.

But first.  Here is a bit of inspiration to get your week going.

inspiration 300x225 Educational News Summary Week 2

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What have you got planned for this week?

What are you expecting to achieve personally? Professionally? One of the areas that I am consistently challenging myself in is in the area of expanding my mindset.  The way you approach the week will largely determine how motivated you are.

Just by changing your attitude you can change the result.  This is why motivational speeches work so well.  They provide some energy and enthusiasm but more importantly they cause the team or the person listening to the speech to lift their thinking and expectations.

When you wake up tomorrow and face a brand new Monday give yourself the pep talk you need.

You might like to use this video as a source of inspiration.  I always show it to my students more often than not they are cheering and clapping at the end of it.  Unfortunately the sound is not great but despite this it’s hard not to be stirred!


Do you get the Sunday blues? Does the thought of waking up Monday morning fill you with a sense of dread?

Then you need 40 inspirational speeches in 2 minutes!

I play this for my students from time to time just for a bit of fun.